Bring your virtual

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Host an effortlessly immersive event that 

promotes knowledge sharing and networking.

Host an effortlessly immersive event that promotes knowledge sharing and networking.

Take your event to the 

next level

Take your event to the next level

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Our team becomes your team as we ensure your event gets the attention to detail it needs. We work tirelessly to ensuring your event is perfect.


Forumm’s intuitive platform makes it easy for novices to navigate around, meaning your attendees find their feet easily and engage with your event.


With polls, Q&As and quizzes, you can uniquely engage each attendee and encourage them to contribute to the conversation. 


Online ticket purchasing couldn’t be easier, with secure Stripe payments, automated ticket sending, group purchases, and promo codes available all for your event.


Receive insights of how your event has performed, and engage with metrics that will help you discover where your event smashed it.

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an event they won’t forget with 


Whatever your virtual event needs,

we have you covered.

We’ve hosted events in the education sector that have

 came in all shapes and sizes, so you can trust 

we have the right solution for you.

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