We become an 

extension of your team

We become an 

extension of your team

With a project manager included in all of our packages,

we work side-by-side with you to ensure all of your event needs are met.

With a project manager included in all of our packages,

we work side-by-side with you to ensure all of your event needs are met.

Webinars – Case Study

Royal Academy of Dance – Mapping Dance and Dance Teaching: Past(s), Present and Future(s)


> 200-500 throughout


> 2 panel sessions

> 2 workshop sessions


> 18 hours


> Fully virtual

> Streamed from R.A.D. HQ based in Battersea, London

What was the brief for the event?

RAD were looking for a solution to bring together stakeholders from the fields of dance performance, dance education, dance training and associated interdisciplinary domains to help shape the current and future direction of dance and dance teaching.

What were the biggest challenges for the R.A.D.?


Initially, the largest challenge faced was finding and providing a solution for the client’s requirements whilst ensuring that their budget was not exceeded. 



From the initial scope meeting we identified that the RAD were looking for a way to fully integrate their workshop presentations into the running order of the event. The workshops would be sessions with a dedicated host that would guide attendees through various dance routines ranging from beginner to advanced levels. As such, we required a scalable solution to host up to 80 people in any one workshop. On top of this, they were also looking at running two parallel panel sessions to relay vital information over to their attendees. 



How did Forumm solve those challenges?

We were able to host an internal brainstorm and came up with several solutions that would fit the bill, each having its own intricacies, before finally providing the resolution of client hosted stages for the panel sessions, and modified breakout rooms for the workshops. 



This, in itself, brought some small challenges on the client side. We worked with RAD to ensure that the full procedures for the panel sessions were documented, tested, and were risk averse. This allowed the team to approach event day with a clear plan of action in place. 

What did Forumm add that made the event unique?


Due to the solution provided for the panel discussions, we had to customise the backstage area of the platform to visualise the increased number of sessions. 

The backstage area is the section of the platform that speakers join to gain access to present on the live stream. Normally the backstage has one tile/link to keep things simple, in this case we added two new tiles corresponding to the two new stages. RAD was fully briefed beforehand, and a procedural run down was provided to their speakers to ensure that each stakeholder was aware of what was required of them.


This lead on to a highly successful event that allowed RAD to reach their goal of shaping the future direction of dance, and allowed our team to explore avenues that wouldn’t have otherwise been identified. 

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